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In Isaiah 26 God says that He teaches the farmer how to farm. Therefore, Christians should be the ones with the answers, and the best methods on how to farm. However, today many Christian farmers do not have the answers and are not using the best methods because they are not going to God to learn how to farm but rather have gone to non-Christians. The secular corporate business world and the state universities have dismissed God from the farming picture. While the methods of the secular mindset are appearing to work as farm production has steadily increased, in reality they are not as successful as they appear because farm profits have not even been keeping up with inflation. Many farm families have off farm jobs to make enough money to farm. That kind of farming is not profitable nor is it sustainable. It is not successful.

Farmers often then hire people to assist with farm duties and, in some cases, choose to farm-share. This is where two families share the work, allowing them to share the responsibilities of running the farm together. This allows farmers to choose the hours and duties that suit the lifestyle they want, perhaps deciding to manage the office duties and have other staff look after the milking, caring for the cows and the land.

While running a dairy farm is hard work, it's great for people who enjoy the outdoors, being with animals and producing quality milk for the whole community. New technologies and farm systems are always being introduced to help farmers with managing their farm and staff so that they save themselves time to do other things. Today, farmers are also able to raise more animals at a lower cost, while using less land. 

Dairy farming is very important for the Australian economy.

Camp Renewed is planning to build a Training  Educational Dairy farm in a country town near a place called Cobram Victoria Australia.  

Lots of Prayers are needed as this is a big project. A vision given many years ago from the Lord. 

Something of a difference, but it will be a Jamboree with the Cows, with weekend events.